Company: Pohanka Makeup Artistry
Creator: Ashley Pohanka

Meet Ashley, she’s a certified makeup artist who specializes in weddings and special events. She’s been in the makeup industry for a number of years, starting out her career as a MAC makeup artist and now working at Sephora in addition freelancing. She’s a bright, fun, and loving individual who has a huge passion for making people look and feel like the best versions of themselves! Read on to learn more about Ashley and how she got started.

Meraki: How did you start your business ?
I started in the industry as a MAC makeup artist, I realized with my talents and personality I could expand my personal career and start my own business. Working for myself is such a rewarding experience; it is empowering and very enjoyable! Starting out I researched a lot and shadowed other artists, who are also in the industry. To get myself started, my first few freelance jobs I did pro-bono. Now that I’m more established I run my own show!

Meraki: Where do you get your Inspirations?
I usually get my inspirations from the person I am working on. People want to portray a mood with their makeup, it’s just like clothing it’s a style that can change drastically depending on application, colours, and placement. I receive inspiration from every day life and social media when if comes to my own personal style. I love a glamorous trendy look and also love to experiment with different techniques and products!

Meraki: When you’re not working, what are some of your favourite things to do?
Some of my favorite things to do when I am not working would be, decorating, and designing houses. I love to see the creative aspect of a house being designed from the blue print and watching it come to life and seeing your vision on paper become a reality. Decorating with furnishings, lighting, paint and décor is my favourite part. Much like makeup, it can change the way a space is felt and lived in and I love that aspect. I also love to cook! Being Italian, cooking is in my blood. I find that experimenting with different culture’s cuisines and flavours is really fun and tasty!

Meraki: If you weren’t in your profession, what else would you do?
If I wasn’t in my profession I would probably be working in a bakery or a decorating store, possibly a home decorator. I am definitely a creative person so something in the arts industry.

Meraki: How would you describe your signature look?
My signature look would be everyday glamorous. Simple, polished, yet beautifully put together, as if you could go to a gala.


Meraki: How do you stay updated on current trends?
Research, research, research, in this industry you can never stop learning. There are always new trends, techniques, looks, products, etc. I am always researching, exploring, and experimenting new ways of applying techniques and trying new products. I also love talking with fellow artists and learning their application techniques and favourite products. This helps to really get a feel for what’s hot and what’s the best out there for my clients.

Meraki: What skills did you learn early on that you still use today?
Aside from application skills, which I have acquired over the years, something that I never will stop implementing is listening to my client. When it comes to makeup one of the most important things as an artist is to listen to the needs and wants of your client. If you are actively listening you will ensure you are giving the best products and application techniques to that person. There are so many different people in the world and each one is different and unique, with different wants and needs they need to be respected and treated as individuals. I will always ensure that my clients feel unique and special!

Meraki: What is the most enjoyable thing about your job/ profession ?
The most enjoyable thing I do in my profession is making someone feel beautiful. As a makeup artist, I have the privilege of helping people feel good about themselves. I love helping my clients learn tips and tricks to help them feel more confident in their appearance, so they can feel better about themselves everyday! I also love the transformation aspect of makeup. Being creative and playful with makeup is so enjoyable, watching art come to life is so much fun and I love how my job allows me to have that creative outlet!

Meraki: How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as fun, loving, and kind. I want those around me to always feel they can come to me for a helping hand or to help brighten up their day!

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Contact Information:
Phone:  519-635-4532
Instagram: @Pohankamakeupartistry
Facebook: Pohanka Makeup Artistry Facebook




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