Spoiled X Mishka

Brand: Spoiled X Mishka
Creator: Mishka Ralon

Meraki: How did you start your business?
I was in the midst of choosing what to do with my future career and I landed a job in the cosmetics field. The more advanced I became in my cosmetician role, the more clients would ask me if I could do their makeup outside of work. I decided to take a chance and my first client was my best friends mother who was getting married. After the positive feedback I was given from my client and peers, I decided to launch a small business on the side doing freelance work and here I am today! I have always loved makeup from a young age so my personal curiosity and knowledge helped to expand my business.

Meraki: When did you know that you had a passion for it?
I was in grade 3 when my curiosity began with makeup. I would watch my mom and sister in the mirror, and I even wore a little blush to school because I loved how rosy cheeks looked. As I got into high school and was able to experiment more, my passion for artistry began evolving. I would teach myself looks and techniques through magazines and perfected the latest trends.

Meraki: One experience that was a game changer?
I had a client with alopecia who was very self-conscious of her condition. On the day of the wedding (she was in the bridal party) she wore a beautiful red wig and asked me to add brows and lashes since she had none. When the session was complete, my client was beyond thankful and so proud of how she looked for her friends big day. That moment right there changed me…I used to think I was just a makeup artist, but that scenario made me realize I’m more than that. For some women, I’m their confidence, their reassurance and I represent the best version of themselves every time we complete a session. I love knowing I empower women to look and feel beautiful! I wouldn’t change my career for anything.

Meraki: One advice that was given to you in order to push you?
The best advice I’ve been given is to never underestimate yourself. As an entrepreneur, it’s very easy to become discouraged if a client doesn’t book with you, or you have a slow month. I am constantly networking with new people and attending events to further myself in my career, even though it can be intimidating being out of your comfort zone. I’ve come to realize that if you do what you Truly love, success comes hand in hand with that. When you have a passion for your career, you don’t feel like you’re working your life away. Each day is something you look forward to with all your heart and you’re ready to take on any obstacle!

Meraki: Where do you get your inspirations?
I’m inspired by life itself: the place I live, the cultures around me, the music I listen to. Everyday I wake up and I use my face as a canvas of expression. If I feel edgy, a dark lipstick will execute how I feel, and vice versa. Using everything around you and taking that as inspiration is what makes you unique and sets you apart from other artists who may try to follow what’s “in” at the moment, instead of wanting to stand out.

Meraki: When you’re not working, what are some of your fav things to do?
I’m a huge fan of the outdoors, I love hiking and discovering new places. I love spending time in Toronto also, most of my free time is spent driving down and exploring different cultures above and underground. Photography and videography are also passions of mine, so with exploring I am able to capture beautiful photos and use them for personal projects. I guess you can say I love anything to do with exploring my knowledge of this world, we have so much beauty around us and we can overlook that beauty sometimes.

Meraki: Pros about your profession?
Definitely a pro of freelancing is that I can guide my own creativity. When I work for myself, I get to choose when I start, who I work with, what the look will be etc. For me, allowing my creativity to have no limits, and constantly working with new people is the most exciting part of my profession.

Meraki: What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be known as a renowned artist and teacher. I want people to remember my name as something positive; someone who helps build self-esteem, build artistry, or just have fans that admire the work I do. I want to collaborate with brands one day on a palette also, I think that would be my ultimate goal. The day I’m recognized by those that I’m influenced by, that’s when I’ll know I’m in the right lane.

Meraki: How would you describe yourself?
I’m a very optimistic person, I believe that the energy you exude will only be reciprocated back. I believe in always being kind because that makes you strong and to give others the respect you would like in return. When I stopped looking at the negative things in my life and focused on the positive things I have/things I need to change, that’s when I started seeing success in relationships and work. There’s a quote that I’ve lived by for years that really speaks to me “live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.”

Meraki: Advice to someone you would pass on in your field?
Don’t quit! It’s very easy to get discouraged if you feel your winged liner on your client wasn’t perfect, or if you haven’t booked a freelance gig in a while. Artistry is all about improving and continuously networking to get to where you need. I always tell people who want to become an artist to get a job in the industry first, just like I did starting at Shoppers Drug Mart at the Beauty Boutique. In order to succeed and grow, you need to submerge yourself in the world or makeup so it becomes not a hobby, but your Lifestyle! From there, working towards your future goal is much easier when you have the guidance of those around you in your industry.


Contact Information:
Phone: 226-924-4023
E-mail: SpoiledxMishka@gmail.com
You Tube: spoildxmishka
Instagram: @spoildxmishka

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