Bold liner, dramatic lashes, a structured brow and Adidas tracksuit

I like to have my makeup and hair properly done accompanied by comfy “streetwear” clothing.


Artist: Esther Mulders Specialty: Tattoo Artist MERAKI: When did you know you had a passion for it? In my young adult years I had a lot of friends who were getting tattooed, and that really opened my eyes to such a wide range of different artists and styles. I became more and more interested in... Continue Reading →

Company: Alchemiqa Creator: Solange Yepez MERAKI: How did you start your business ? Its still a side project, but I started by realizing that I really love designing prints.  Then I just started devoting all my spare time to creating prints that I hope to start selling. MERAKI: What was your journey like in order... Continue Reading →

Brand: Kait Rak MUA Creator: Kait Rak Meraki: What was your journey like in order to be where you are today? It was pretty up and down, I started as a photographer and got into makeup from there. I worked for places like Sephora and other beauty brands but, could never really build a freelance... Continue Reading →

Company: Pohanka Makeup Artistry Creator: Ashley Pohanka Meet Ashley, she's a certified makeup artist who specializes in weddings and special events. She's been in the makeup industry for a number of years, starting out her career as a MAC makeup artist and now working at Sephora in addition freelancing. She's a bright, fun, and loving... Continue Reading →

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