Artist: Esther Mulders Specialty: Tattoo Artist MERAKI: When did you know you had a passion for it? In my young adult years I had a lot of friends who were getting tattooed, and that really opened my eyes to such a wide range of different artists and styles. I became more and more interested in... Continue Reading →

Company: Alchemiqa Creator: Solange Yepez MERAKI: How did you start your business ? Its still a side project, but I started by realizing that I really love designing prints.  Then I just started devoting all my spare time to creating prints that I hope to start selling. MERAKI: What was your journey like in order... Continue Reading →

Brand: Kait Rak MUA Creator: Kait Rak Meraki: What was your journey like in order to be where you are today? It was pretty up and down, I started as a photographer and got into makeup from there. I worked for places like Sephora and other beauty brands but, could never really build a freelance... Continue Reading →

Company: Pohanka Makeup Artistry Creator: Ashley Pohanka Meet Ashley, she's a certified makeup artist who specializes in weddings and special events. She's been in the makeup industry for a number of years, starting out her career as a MAC makeup artist and now working at Sephora in addition freelancing. She's a bright, fun, and loving... Continue Reading →

  Creator: Ayano Kubo Meraki: How did you start your business? We all have a pair of sneakers that we don’t wear because we don’t love them anymore, colour changed or just too old. One day I repaired my old kicks just cleaned it pretty well and changed the colour using leather paint I found... Continue Reading →

I am so excited to start blogging about people in the creative industry!!! Not only is this site ready to go but I have also created an Instagram account that will link to this blog!! Anyone interested in following, the user name is If you are someone who wants to get more media exposure... Continue Reading →

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